Radio meets Radio

Today we visited the BonnFM radio station. It is the campus radio station of
the University of Bonn, where talented and creative students get involved to
make great radio that is easy to listen to. We met Gavin and Fred, who act as  editors,  producers and broadcasters ­ and are also in charge of the whole digital work of the
station: Facebook, Twitter, and even Snapchat (God help them).

It was nice seeing you can do lots of things you love and still stay very chill. It
is so different from the radio that I am used to doing.



Left to right: Gavin (BonnFM, Germany), Rick (100,7 FM, Luxemburg), Fred (Bonn FM, Germany), Mika and Avigail (Galey Tzahal, Israel), Maxi (100,7 FM, Luxemburg).


Text: Avigail Kosh, Photo: Felina Lottner


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